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About Us

Welcome to Historic Threads.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing nuts, bolts, rivet head bolts, shouldered bolts, studs, lock nuts, threaded pillars and in fact anything that needs a thread on it or in it!

Everything we manufacture is made in-house using state of the art CNC turning and milling machines, and within our machine shop capacity we also have some old school machines where we have to twiddle handles! All Nuts and Bolts are made using round bar and not hexagon bar. This enables us to produce stronger components to the correct sizes required. We always use the right material for the job and can provide material certificates if requested.

All threads are manufactured to the original specification and we are capable of machining all thread forms from the biggest Whitworth to the smallest BA and everything in between.

Our website is in its early stages at the moment so there are limited sizes you can buy online. New items, sizes etc will be added when they are available. Please get in touch if you can''t find what you are looking for.